Know the future, plan ahead.

With the beta launched in the cryptocurrency space. Haystack News is moving towards exploring the media & publishing market. Be the first to know when we launch!

Perfect for editorial planning

Haystack News can help you plan ahead more effectively by knowing what news is upcoming, weeks in advance. By leveraging AI, we are able to scan thousands of articles each day for signals of 'future news'.


Browse by top categories, such as Finance & Economy, Politics, Entertainment, Technology, Sports, Science and many more.

Export to your calendar

Found a future article that interests you? Add it to your own calendar in seconds.

How it works

Haystack News actively scans a large database of news websites, both popular and niche, looking for any reference for a date in the future. It does this by using;

AI powered web crawling. Processing hundreds of news websites within minutes for thousands of news articles.
NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Cloud Computing, determining within milliseconds whether a news article mentions the future in any way.
Deep Learning. Constantly improving in both detection and context understanding, creating a product that only improves with time.

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